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Guided Bone Regeneration - a 30-year Biological and Clinical Journey in Ridge Augmentation to Ensure Stable and Esthetic Implant Results

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  1. Course Preview
  2. Welcome to the GBR Online Course

    LIVE OFFICE HOURS and Q&A with Dr Sascha Jovanovic - RECORDED Tue, Mar 31, 2020
  4. LIVE OFFICE HOURS and Q&A with Dr Sascha Jovanovic - RECORDED Tue, Apr 7, 2020
  5. LIVE OFFICE HOURS and Q&A with Dr Sascha Jovanovic & Dr Barry Bartee - RECORDED Tue, Apr 28, 2020
  6. LIVE GBR Discussion with Dr Sascha Jovanovic & Dr Marco Ronda - RECORDED Fri, May 15, 2020
  7. PART 01 - Extraction Socket Preservation & Grafting using GBR
    Alveolar Ridge Preservation for Implant and Pontic Site Development | Dr Barry Bartee
  8. A GBR Experience Journey with d-PTFE Membranes | Dr Melle Vroom
  9. Early Implant Placement Post Extraction with Simultaneous Contour Augmentation | Dr Daniel Buser
  10. CLINICAL VIDEO Socket Preservation after a Lower Molar Extraction using an Allograft and a d-PTFE Membrane | Dr Sascha A Jovanovic
  11. PART 02 - GBR for the Moderately Deficient Ridge (Protocol 01)
    Hard & Soft Tissue Augmentation using GBR for Optimal Implant Esthetics & Long Term Success | Dr Sascha A Jovanovic
  12. LIVE Q&A with Dr Sascha Jovanovic | Dr Sascha A Jovanovic - RECORDED Tue, Apr 14, 2020
  13. Ridge Augmentation - Decision Tree | Dr Robert Carvalho da Silva
  14. Principles of Guided Bone Regeneration: Horizontal Ridge Augmentation Utilizing Resorbable Membranes and Particulated Composite Bone Grafts | Dr Istvan Urban
  15. CLINICAL VIDEO Single Tooth Esthetic Implant Replacement - From Diagnosis to Surgery to Final Restoration | Jovanovic & Mintrone
  16. Implant Placement Post-Extraction in Esthetic Single Tooth Sites - When Immediate, When Early, When Late? | Dr Daniel Buser
  17. CLINICAL VIDEO Anterior Implant Placement with Simultaneous GBR using Autogenous/Xenograft and Native Collagen Membrane | Jovanovic
  18. PART 03 - GBR for the Severely Deficient Horizontal Ridge (Protocol 02)
    CLINICAL VIDEO Staged Horizontal GBR and Soft Tissue Augmentation for Anterior Single Tooth Implant Therapy | Jovanovic
  19. CLINICAL VIDEO Horizontal Ridge Augmentation in a thin Posterior Mandible Using GBR and a Bone Graft Mix of Particulate Autogenous Xenograft and rhPDGF | Jovanovic
  20. CLINICAL VIDEO Horizontal Augmentation Using Particulated Composite Bone Graft and Resorbable Membrane | Urban
  21. PART 04 - GBR for the Severely Deficient Vertival Ridge (Protocol 03)
    LIVE GBR Surgical Demonstration with Dr Sascha Jovanovic (YOUTUBE LIVE-STREAM) - RECORDED Thu, Apr 23
  22. Surgical Approach | Dr Marco Ronda
  23. GBR Guidelines | Dr Marco Ronda
  24. Surgical Predictability | Dr Marco Ronda
  25. Clinical Results | Dr Marco Ronda
  26. Benefits of the TR-Membrane in Vertical Ridge Augmentation | Dr Robert Carvalho da Silva
  27. CLINICAL VIDEO Staged Horizontal Ridge Augmentation using GBR in a Severely Resorbed Anterior Mandible with Narration | Dr Sascha Jovanovic
  28. CLINICAL VIDEO Vertical Ridge Augmentation: Aesthetic Tissue Augmentation | Simion
  29. CLINICAL VIDEO Vertical Augmentation, membrane removal and implant placement | Urban
  30. Biological Potential of Hard and Soft Tissues - From Bone Resorption to Planned Implant Therapy to Predictable Gingival Esthetics | Jovanovic & Mintrone
  31. CLINICAL VIDEO Vertical and Horizontal GBR in the Anterior Maxilla using an Auto/Xenograft Mixture, PDGF Growth Factor, and d-PTFE Membrane | Jovanovic & Reshad
    LIVE TREATMENT PLANNING SESSION and Q&A | Dr Sascha A Jovanovic - RECORDED Tue, Apr 21, 2020
  33. PART 05 - Complications Management & Soft Tissue & Mucogingival Procedures (Protocol 04)
    CLINICAL VIDEO Esthetic Implant Placement with Simultaneous GBR and Soft Tissue Graft to Treat a Partially Failed Previous Bone Graft | Jovanovic
  34. Avoiding Complications and Pitfalls with Guided Bone Regeneration | Dr Isabella Rocchietta
  35. CLINICAL VIDEO How to Release the Lingual Flap for GBR | Rossetti
  36. CLINICAL VIDEO Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Harvest to Boost Gingival Biotype for Anterior Single Tooth Implant | Jovanovic
  37. PDF REFERENCE 15 Point GBR Protocol | Dr Sascha A Jovanovic
  38. Conclusion
    CE Exam - GBR (14 CREDITS)
  39. Course Evaluation - GBR
  40. After this Course, what to do next?
    gIDE TRAINING IN LOS ANGELES Hands-on GBR Grafting Course
  41. gIDE 1 Year MASTER CLINICIAN PROGRAM in Implant Dentistry
  42. About gIDE Dental Institute