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Each Online Master Class and Online Residency is developed by gIDE’s Global Experts and includes Lectures, Clinical Videos, Live/Recorded Discussions with Q&A, Live/Recorded Treatment Planning Sessions, Live/Recorded Patient Treatments with Narration and Q&A, Final Exam and a Certificate.

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LIVE One-on-One Treatment Planning Sessions

  • One-on-One 1-hour Implant & Prosthodontic Treatment Planning Session with Dr Chris Ho

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Book a 1-hour consultation with one of our experts. Do you have a case coming up that you would like a second opinion on? Are you unsure what your options are or what might be the best approach? Is there a step in your clinical process that is causing you anxiety or doubt? Sign up for a one-on-one zoom consultation. During this time you can present your case and your plan. And you and the expert can discuss the best path forward, and help you understand the process so you can approach it with confidence.